Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Sepekan Mudah & Lancar Belajar Bahasa Jerman Untuk Pemula by Reny Yuniawati

Dutch? Yes, I love Germany and just like England, I have a deepest dream can go there someday. That is why learning Dutch was like necessary for me. Even though I'm not really force my self to able speaking Dutch, at least I should have known the basic vocabulary, don't I? :) 

If you are the book lovers, maybe were know that order books from online shop has lots of benefit. Besides saving your time and energy, some of online book shops were offer you special discount in each books (minimum 15%). I have browse from some of online book store, but my favorite is www.bukabuku.com which is always give an update series and interesting discount. off course others online bookstores are good for you try :)

back to the topic, I interesting with this book because (firstly) its titled :3 word 'SEPEKAN' (one week) seems so seduce me, haha. I think it will be easy to reminds every vocabulary. Yea should admit first time I opened this book, it provide you a fresh page and simple font. It is also start with 'how to pronounce' and follow with the word that makes you easy to understand.
Dutch seems so easy because when you have pronounce, it is not really different with English. This book provide you the highlight and summary in every sections, so you can faster to understand. it is also giving you the simple practice that you can try work in it. Still, if you don't try to speak or hear the native speaker will be difficult to following. For this minus side, you can try to browsing and see the free lessons in internet.

So far this book is really help me to interact with my friends that has knew Dutch :) hihi.. In the last page, this book gives you the optional vocabularies that might help you to find a word according to the specify.
in the 130 pages, this book tagging price Rp19.000,- (including discount 15% from bukabuku.com)
 the author is Reny Yuniawati. Published by Transmedia Jakarta.

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